Wednesday, Feb. 5, 1936

Ironed, sewed shirts, patched. Pap went to Vogel’s sale at Burksville, didn’t buy anything. He got a letter from a fellow at Columbia, Lutmann, wanted to buy a sow & pig. Wegener of Evansville looked at our mare, but was to small. S. Rennecker got 1 qt. milk. Alice Glessner of Waterloo has a birthday dance at Pautler’s tonite, Rythm Knigs [sic] playing. The relief workers at Lorbergs quarry on Pleguer’s farm Ray Braun manager, got there paychecks today. J. Reagean walks down every morning; reports, but they don’t work.

Friday, Nov. 18, 1932

We went out to Uncle Fred’s this evening his birthday cake & doughnuts were served; dancing was the main feature of the evening & also singing, those present where , Henry Birkner & family, Christ Buehler’s family, Frank Birkner’s family, George Parker’s family, Fred Papenberg’s family, Clarence Wittenauer & Angela Eichenseer, Mrs. Oscar Birkner & kids, the roads are getting awful muddy.

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