Monday, Sept. 5, 1938

Labor Day. Took trip this afternoon, went to Walsh & through New Athens home, stopped at Smithton church pinic [sic], wasn’t much doing. Went to Paderborn Totsch’s Dominic Roth 28 & Annie Mueth 33. wedding dance, John Mueth & Olivia Roth the attendants; big crowd & lots of presents. Fahey twins won a prize at Red Bud pinic [sic] today, being the oldest twins there; & Clara Heck nee Hess, there being born last week. 3 lb. each one at the hospital incubator; doing fine, have to be there for 5 weeks.


  1. Betty Carpenter says

    Clara Hess Heck was my mom’s youngest sister.
    So, the twins were my first cousins. Jeanette died in
    2014 but Jeanelle is going strong. Aunt Clara
    died in September 2015 at the age of 100, and
    about 5 weeks before her 101st birthday.
    Was Tillie Busholder’s mother a Kreher?

  2. Betty Carpenter says

    The twins were born on Aug 31.

  3. Thanks so much for your comment, Betty! And for the update on the twins. How neat to see that they had/have such a long life despite what must have been perilous beginnings given the time period and being born so tiny.

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