Thursday, March 31, 1938

Went to Leo’s, washed, ironed, cleaned bedrooms etc, they sawed wood this afternoon; we had dinner & supper. Mr. Orlet is out there also; helpers sawing wood were John & Chas. Mueth, Jake Joe Krebs; finished, tomorrow saw Jake’s. Leo & his dad went to requiem high mass at Paderborn church. Uncle Fred & A. [Aunt] Mary, Emil were here this eve. Walter Pour’s have a baby boy; I guess that makes family 9.


  1. Betty Carpenter says

    Just discovered, the Pours are related also. Mrs. Pour was an Eichenseer.
    Some Mueths are a distant possible relative through the Krehers.

    • That’s wonderful! I am loving all the connections you are finding on Tillie’s Tales. Thanks for commenting, Betty!
      Angie Kelly

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