Monday, March 2, 1931

This morning Mrs. Johnny Schilling of Waterloo is getting buried there, they found her dead.  Papa & Rosalia left early this morn. & went out to Henry’s to help him, he is going to sew oats up here today.  Papa brought the team & wagon & Rosalia, the machine [to] Henry’s with oats, & oil & Henry the tractor.  Geo. Reheis is here too helping him.  There was a car crippled one of our red hens last night so we killed the hen & are having it for dinner today.  George Reheis & Henry were here for dinner.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came up this afternoon.  She started fixing Bertille’s dress, like Leona’s pattern.  It is right nice.  Henry & Rosalia went out to Henry’s this afternoon after some more oats.

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