Friday, May 9, 1930

Papa, Rosalia are painting the chicken houses this morning.  Mr. Theodore Klinkhardt of St. Louis was here a little while this morning.  He is Mrs. Pour’s father.  This afternoon Papa, Rosalia, Bertille, Uncle Fred, Aunt Mary went to George Heyl’s funeral.  It sure was a large one.  Quernheim undertaker.  They have a new hearse.  The funeral was so large that when the hearse was was driving in at the Round Prairie Church, there were still machines leaving the house yet.  People from all over, St. Louis, Red Bud, Waterloo, Hecker.  Mr. Heyl belonged to the Horse Prairie fire insurance co.  He was killed accidentally.  There were over 100 machines at the house and about 100 at the cemetery before the funeral cortege every came.

Today is Gregory Ganley’s birthday.  Lena Meng was over a little while this morning and told Rosalia to get some buttons for her dress.  Uncle Fred and Aunt Mary had lunch with us this afternoon.

Saturday, January 18, 1930

Papa paid Ben Hely for 2 hogs.  Rosalia and Bertille went to church this afternoon.  Papa is working in the chicken house.  We got 2 eggs today for the first time we got our chickens.  It is 15 below zero.

Thursday, January 16, 1930

Papa, Rosalia, Bertille went out to Henry’s this afternoon and got straw for our chicken house.  In the evening we went to Uncle Fred and Aunt Mary’s.  She popped some corn and we helped to eat it.  Joseph Braun was here in the evening and brought Papa his auto keys.  He stuck them in his pocket by mistake in the bank.  The weather is beautiful but is a little cold.  The sun is shining nice.

Wednesday, January 15, 1930

Papa, Rosalia, Bertille went out to Henry’s this morning to get some chicken feed.  Uncle Fred and Aunt Mary were here this afternoon.  Papa & Uncle Fred were fixing the chicken house.  There was to be a Euchre (game) in Augustine’s Parish tonight, but it was postponed until further notice, on account of bad roads.  Mr. Ed Meng was here.  Oliver Kuhns & Henry Braun came down this afternoon with a load of coal and got stuck.  Steve Rienbrecker pushed him out.

Monday, January 13, 1930

Papa went to town twice.  The sun isn’t shining yet.  Papa worked on his chicken house today.

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