Saturday, May 23, 1931

Rosalia went to clean church on Aunt Mary’s place this morning.  We seen the balloon that left Scot field this morning at 4:30 & is going 40 miles from there, it is a 35,000 cu. ft. balloon, we seen it about 6 o’clock, it was going South.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where here this afternoon for lunch.  Papa went to Waterloo.  Tonight Marcella Ettling is graduating from piano lessons, we got a written invitation.  It is over at St. Louis, she is to play two pieces on the piano.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary got an invitation to come to Belleville, Irene Reheis send them a card to come.


  1. Marlene Lloyd says

    I am the daughter of Karl Boll and Marcella Ettling, I enjoy hearing of thier life before I came into . Thank you
    for sharing this with the nation.

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