Friday, May 15, 1931

Papa & Rosalia went down to the truck patch this morning, & this afternoon went out to Henry’s to get a load of oats.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came up again this afternoon to work there potatoes.  They where here for lunch.  Mr & Mrs. Louis Birkner where by them today.  We planted our cabbage & tomato plants out this evening.  We all went to the show, we took the car, we could see nice from there.  The [racial slur omitted] Jake gave Ed. Koehlers boy a 50¢, him & Walter Braun, each had a pan of bread & milk, they had to feed one another with the spoon, the one that ’emptied’ the bowl first was the winner.  Emmy Eckert received the blanket.  The name of there play was The “Doctor’s Shop.”

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