Sunday, March 1, 1931

It is Christ Buehler’s birthday today.  Leona was up for first mass today & Henry for late mass.  Uncle Fred is working on the bed what he bought yesterday, he is cleaning it with coakol [charcoal?].  It just seems that everybody what didn’t have the measles yet are sure to get them this year.  Agnes Gregson, Karl Boll, Hugo & Robert Probst, Oscar Birkner’s children, & a good many others all got the measles now.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary, Henry, were all here for dinner today.  He tried to fix our incubator.  Tomorrow he is going to sew oats up here.  George Reheis is to sew it for him.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary, Rosalia put up curtains upstairs in the house across the street.  They took Cyrus Hill’s wife to the hospital at Red Bud to get operated on appendix.  Rosalia went to church this evening.

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