Thursday, Feb. 11, 1932

It rained last night. We heard this morning that Ed. Neff’s wife died last night, from blood poison & the flu. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary & we all went there this evening, they brought her home from Waterloo about 5:30 we stayed till 1 o’clock had supper there. The baby they got christened Wed. morning, Edward Joseph, we heard Ed Parker & wife where the sponsors, it is just about 11 days old. Papa went up in the woods this afternoon, we went along out to Henry’s that long.

Friday, March 28, 1930

Rosalia took 3 dozen eggs and got .21¢ a dozen.  Rosalia and Bertille went to church this evening.  Wilfred Eichenseer came down this morning to get his kite.  They were flying kites and it flew away down here and stuck fast to the telephone post.  Louis Millman has a little son and also Clay Young has a little son.  We found 29 eggs.