Thursday, July 29, 1937

Bert [Bertille] baked cake, cooked catsup. Pap went to woods to look for sand. Uncle Fred & A. [Aunt] Mary came, Bert went along to Chester to the wake of Mrs. John McDermott, who passed away yesterday afternoon at 2 ‘ o clock, at Jacksonville Ill, she had been there for 2 weeks, with a nervous break down, in a private place & nurse, while the nurse was just out, she hung herself with a strap; & died; 29 yrs old; they were married will be 2 mons. on 10 of next mo; tomorrow will be taken to her home at Raddle Ill, about 12 miles from Chester, & will be buried there Sat. morn; we met her 2 sisters & brother, being there at the funeral parlor, 2 girls were all school teachers. We were there from 3 to 5:30, people came in & out; John & Ed were there. Leo & Rose came this eve. & we ate watermelons, that A. [Aunt] Mary brought from Sparta, boy what a good melon, we ate it all 22 lb. Mrs. Mehrmann got the eggs. 10 doz. @ 17¢. A fellow here wanted to sell paint. We got 19¢ for our chicks, 77 lbs. – 3 doz. shipping charges 75¢ on coop. We got a new Chicago Mail Order catalog.


  1. Joseph L Toenjes says

    Hey Angie,

    Does anyone in the family have a recipe for catsup that might have been cooked on this day?

    I made a ketchup for the first time last year from a recipe I found in a foodie magazine. It was a lot of work. But, I really enjoyed the end result.

    So, just curious what were the ingredients and process used in a Southern Illinois catsup in 1937.

    Thanks again so much for this wonderful peak into your family that was intertwined with my own.

    Have A Great Day!

  2. Thanks so much for your comment, Joe! Look for an email from me shortly.

    Take Care,
    Angie / Tillie’s Tales

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