Monday, March 4, 1935

We washed, ironed, awful wind; made little garden. Henry & Albert Cleveland, were here for dinner, sewed oats, rained, after dinner, so they had to quite [sic – quit]. Mr. Stehl butcher of Smithon [sic] stopped here. They Daily Advocate man of Belleville, was here, to sell paper. Comes in on the bus, in the evening now. Mr. Zipfel of Lurlhs [?] Hatchery of Red Bud called over chicken this afternoon, put out 18, we have 106 layers now; Eggs are 19¢ today. Ed. Brand’s birthday.


  1. Roberta Mueth Martin says

    Hi Angie! I did some quick checking, and there were Zipfels in Freeburg, Belleville, New Athens, and Mascoutah during this time frame. I didn’t know if that might help with figuring out your missing place. Still enjoying the diary first thing every morning. Thanks!

    • bertille1914 says

      Thanks, Roberta! Bertille’s writing is sometime difficult to decipher so I appreciate any help. Glad you are enjoying Tillie’s Tales.

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