Tuesday, May 9, 1933

We washed, ironed. Papa & Rosalia went to see Meyers, to see if he still had some more corn to sell, he hasn’t,  they brought 1 bu. pick, along for seed. Papa went up to see Reheis about the corn, but he had to see Dr. Wagner first, he wanted some too, so Papa drove out to Barney Kaiser’s, & bought about 50 bus. delivered to the house for 35¢. Rosalia & Bertille went out to Henrys, washed, & worked garden. It rained a little again this evening. Ivo Buehler is working Henry Armstutz’s corn ground up with the tractor for him, for $1.00 hr, papa wants to get him to work ours to; cut it up & harrow it, to hard on the one mule.

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