Tuesday, Nov. 29, 1932

Uncle Adam & Emil butchered today Papa & Henry & L. Gregson’s helped. Rosalia & Bertille went out & stayed at Henry’s, helped Leona sew shirts for the boys. had dinner & lunch there. Papa had lunch & dinner at Uncle Adams they finished butchering about 3 o clock, he came home with Levi Gregson’s. A dealer in Westhinhouse [sic- Westinghouse] Automatic electricity from Belleville was here advertising he had a small plant in his car he started it up & showed how it works, for electric lights irons etc. Rosalia Bertille went up to Mamie’s this eve. to see her quilt, cookies & orangeade where had. Lawrence Cortner was here to buy some pigs, he had been here this afternoon but nobody home, so he came back this eve. but he didn’t buy them yet.

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