Thursday, March 10, 1932

We washed & hung it down the basement, because it started snowing this morn, but turned out to be alright anyway. We finished our quilt & took it out of the frame. Rosalia & Bertille went out to Henry’s this afternoon. He was up in the woods, he hurt his finger, them came back again. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came up this evening, then we all went to Louis Armstutz’s. Mrs. Jatho wanted to see them, she wanted to rent there house up here for her daughter Lena, from St. Louis, but they won’t rent it out. We played cards by Louis, 6 & 5 hande[d] pinochle. There was a man here yesterday Chas. Jung of Red Bud & bought 17 doz. eggs @ 9½¢, he takes them over to St. Louis & sells them.

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