Wednesday, May 6, 1931

Today is Uncle Adam’s birthday.  He is 82 yrs. old.  The dance which was supposed to be this evening in the brick house was posponed [sic] until further notice.  The Hecker baseball team was to give it.  There is a show in the Public Schools Yard tonight Jackson’s Wonder Show.  Rosalia & Bertille went everything free, for a week, only medicine, Indian Herbs $1.00 bottle last night.  He took orders for 9 bottles, he could only sell 10 that the limit, we before it was over, it was to cold. We covered our tomato plants this evening but I don’t think it will freeze.  We moved out little chickens over in the chicken house this morning, it was raining, so we couldn’t turn them out of the coops Jack there.  Papa got a letter today from Mr. Tillman of Belleville the Farm Bureau Advisor, & also a check amounting $1.44 for the repair bill for the Chev. Accident with us & Peter Blank of Freeburg.  We had to lose 20%.  The bill amounted to $1.80, so we received $1.44.

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