Monday, May 18, 1931

Today is wash & iron day.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where here for lunch this afternoon.  Papa went out to help Henry make hay.  Emil was also helping.  Rosalia Bertille planted tomato plants in our truck patch this evening, we now have 119 down there.  Hy. Armstutz was here & got some watermelon seeds that Aunt Mary brought here.  He told us about the show people Jackson’s, they must of had a time this morning when they left.  The [racial slur omitted] Jake & the Dr.  Jake said he made his own medicine, so I guess that means he is a fake doctor, Jake said he would get him arrested this morning yet, he wait till he would get to Granite City.  We heard one night he took $67.00.  Thats quite a lot.

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