Friday, March 27, 1931

We went to Belleville today, & also went to see Mr. Caldwell.  It is raining almost all day.  We had a collision in Belleville, there was a car turned out on Main St. as we were passing by, & it hit our back wheel, & fender, smashed the cub (?) on the wheel.  The same damage was done to the other car, but that car bumped into the park car, that was in front of him.  The settled it at Tillma’s Ins. agent because ours cars were insured by the same Co.  They have to stand good for it.  That man’s name was Blair.  There is no service tonight on account of the inclement weather.  Papa went up town to get the mail & he went to Eichenseer’s store, he brought a half of lb. of pineapple cheese, but nobody liked it but Pop.

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