Saturday, Oct. 28, 1939

Pap went to meeting & signed up at Kammlers this morn. this afternoon went to Waterloo church, got Berts shoes heels repaired; stopped at Henry’s both ways & still never seen the baby awake yet always sleeping. Leona is up & Mrs. Senior [Geoddel?] is going home today, they butchered a little one today. Mr Cleveland was there helping to butcher, also made sausage.

Wednesday, April 19, 1939

House Ins. agent was here. Pap went to Waterloo took 9 bus. wheat along @ 68 [cents]; got Berts [Bertille] shoes repaired. We went to Belleville this afternoon got wall paper for bedroom & kitchen 10 [cents] roll. Bill [Klein] came this eve. Went to Dr’s.