Sunday, April 17, 1938

Easter. Beautiful day, had rain, wind, hail by Red Bud last nite. Uncle Fred & A. [Aunt] Mary, Henry & family, Leo & Rose [Rosalia] were all here for chicken dinner, & supper. Emil came awhile this afternoon. Bill Klein & Bert [Bertille] went to Floraville dance.


  1. Charles Andrews says

    Easter and coincidentally my maternal grandmother’s birthday. She was born in Germany April 17, 1880 and emigrated in 1891. She married in ‘05 and raised five children on the family farm in Ohio. It is enjoyable to read your blog as it gives me some insight of daily farm life.

    Unfortunately, I never met my grandmother as she also passed in September of 1938 fifteen years before my birth.

    Thanks again

  2. Thanks so much for your comment, Charles. I greatly appreciate it. It is funny that you like the insight of daily farm life. When my Granny was still alive and I would ask her about her diaries she would always say they were so boring! Why was I so interested in them?! I saw the treasure in them as do you!

    Happy anniversary of the birth of your grandmother!

    Thanks for reading!

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