Friday, March 26, 1937

Went to services at 8 o clock Red Bud & again at 2 this afternoon; Pretty cold; was 18 last nite. Pap paid Fr. Stern pew rent, flood donation & bake sale donation tomorrow. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came. Bert went along to church with her. Fr. Ratteoman finished it of. Fr. Orlet was there also another priest.


  1. Joseph L Toenjes says

    Hello Angie! Just love the daily update from Tillie!

    Do you by chance know the first name of the “Fr. Orlet” that is in today’s posting and one other? My mother had a Father Joseph Orlet as either a principal or teacher when she went to school in Bellevile. He had a huge positive influence on her and her desire to learn and develop her artistic talents. My mother eventually became a teacher and for several years was an art teacher in Belleville. My first name was given in honor to him. My middle name was in honor of my great uncle Lawrence that my mother loved dearly too. I never met either of these men before they passed at an age I could remember them.

    It was heart-warming to see that name this morning and think that it could be him.

    Have A Great Day!

    • Hi Joe! Thanks so much for your comment. Yes, the first name of Fr. Orlet is Joseph. Thanks for sharing your heart warming connection to him. How neat.
      Angie/Tillie’s Tales

      • Joseph L Toenjes says

        Wow! Thanks for that confirmation!

        It is wild your grandma knew not only my great uncle Cyril on my Dad’s side who had a enduring influence on my life, but also a wonderful priest that had a profound influence on my own Mother!

        Thank you for sharing Tillie’s Tales!

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