Sunday, Sept. 13, 1936

Went to Red Bud. Ben & Omer, Berti, & Levi Ganley, & Fr. Aydt. Frank Kroel attended the Murphysboro 2nd. Catholic Congress, sure nice drive, 60 miles, it was held at the Riverside Park, beautiful place, but it was so hot. Rose & Leo & some more attended at Scothfield to see the place & then went to Louis Kaiser at Trenton. All went to Floraville tonite, Arthur Metiomanus birthday dance, & what a crowd, & heat. Eichenseers brought a electric radio down to try out, for awhile; then got it again.


  1. Betty Carpenter says

    Angie! My dad’s Aunt Mary Scherle married Anton Eichenseer. That’s my reason for looking at the notes. They sure are interesting. I am currently writing the story of my mother’s side of the family–Hess. Hopefully, I finish this year. Then I plan to write the Scherle story.
    Also Helena Scherle, Mary’s sister, married Otto Wagner. Are the Wagners mentioned, this family of Wagners?
    Betty Scherle Carpenter

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