Sunday, April 19, 1931

We all went out to Henry’s this morning & took them along, we left about 7 o’clock to go to Frank Dudenhoeffers in St. Louis.  We went to St. Thomas Church over there, & then down to the house.  We had dinner, then we went over to see Val. Adams a little while, the men played pinochle, Henry, Ed, Jac, Irvin, Val.  Then we back again to Gusta’s had lunch & then went home we left about 3:30.  We made a short stop at Geodell’s they where going to Henry’s this eve.  Philip came out & we rode along with him to Sensel’s barn dance, there sure was a crowd there, quite a few people from Hecker where there.  There was a fight at Oak Grove Tues. – night, wedding dance, the McKoneys boys jumped on the McCarthy boys.  Gregory was stunned for a while, they had to carry water & throw it on him, his jaw was swollen the next day yet.

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