Saturday, March 11, 1933

Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came up here & papa went along with them to Mrs. Louisa Soul’s sale, but didn’t buy anything brought a fair price. They stayed here for supper. Ike Napier come & paid for the hog 450 – $13.90. Ed Scheinder got 43½ doz. eggs for hatching, but only paid $2.20 so far still $2.15 to pay yet, but had no more money. Roy Stauenfbiel brought the crushing down this eve, it wasn’t working, this morning; something was out of order. There was awful large attendance at Saul’s sale. Mrs. Vic Eichenseer, Lucinda, Bud, & Angela & Clarence Wittenauer came this evening, we played pinochle six hand. 2 games.

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