Important Info on Tillie’s Tales!

Note from Angie:

From May 20, 1938 through June 18, 1938, Bertille “Tillie” Brand does NOT write every day. It appears that during this time she stays with Rosalia Orlet, her sister, to help her care for her newborn, Marita.

The next journal entry (blog post) from Bertille has no date on it but it is her attempting to give the highlights of what has happened during the time that she is away. On June 7th and 8th she has regular entries (which I will enter on those dates) but she then goes back to Rosalia’s home.

The entries do not start up again in regularity until Sunday, June 19, 1938.

You have been warned.

Think of this as a small way of getting ready for when the journal is done at the end of 1939 / end of 2020.

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