Sunday, March 23, 1930

Uncle Fred and Aunt Mary and Henry were up for church this morning.  After dinner Papa, Rosalia, Bertille went out to Aunt Mary’s for supper.  Christ Buehler and Mrs. Louise Birkner were also there for supper. It just started to rain heavy.  There is to be a moving picture show tonight in Griffins Hall, the name is “King of Kings” given by the Catholic Church.  But they rang over the (phone) lines to post pone it, then they rang back and said it was going to have it.  So Papa, Rosalia, Bertille went up and stopped for Mamie Eichenseer and then went to the show.  It was pretty good.  They had a pretty fair crowd for the way the weather was.  Admission was .40¢  We found 21 eggs today.  There is going to be a play in Griffins Hall after Easter.

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