The end.

The last day that Bertille Brand (later Klein) wrote in her “News Books”/journals was Saturday, December 30, 1939. We don’t know why she stopped or why she didn’t write on the last day of the year.

We do know she married Bill Klein on a cold January 24th in 1940. Perhaps this is why she stopped. They will then go on to have my mother, Janice, in May of 1941. Another reason why not only she stopped but also why she never started the journals again.


We are glad she wrote what she did over a ten year span. We are also glad that you, dear readers, were here to read her words.

I know many of you will miss receiving your daily email from “Tillie’s Tales.” I know I will miss sending them to you.

It was a labor of love transcribing my grandmother’s words. And one now that is there for future generations to explore as well.

Feel free to drop me a line at any time [angie [at] tillies [dot] com].

Blessings and Peace,

Angie [Bertille Brand Klein’s granddaughter]


  1. Betty Carpenter says

    I will miss these noted.
    Could you just start over with the first year?
    New readers would probably like to read the old notes.
    Of course, that’s a lot of work for you.
    Thanks for all that you have shown us.
    Betty Carpenter, from Ruma.

  2. Gail A Aube says

    I will miss hearing from Tillie (you) every morning. It was fun to hear how her life was progressing. I was hoping to hear her announce her own marriage to Bill in her news journal and the events leading up to it. If I thought I had a busy day, I’d sometimes comment that Tillie would have run circles around me.

    I wish she had continued. It would also have been very interesting to hear her news during WWII.

    There were many names I recognized and fun to know what they were up to in the years I read her news.

    Thanks for taking on the task of sending out these daily reports. It was fun while it lasted

    Gail Aubel (Keim) Chandler, AZ

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