RootsTech 2019 – All the Things!

In less than two weeks I will be in route to the mecca of all things genealogy. Also known as Salt Lake City, Utah and RootsTech 2019. This will be my second time traveling to this fine city. My first time was last year for RootsTech 2018. That was also the first time I had traveled alone in over 15 years. It was quite the experience.

I am looking forward to having the same wonderful time as I did last year. Have you checked out the schedule yet? If you are going to RootsTech and haven’t downloaded the RootsTech app yet, go do that now! It is a plethora of information all in the palm of your hand. Even if you are not planning to attend RootsTech this year, I still encourage you to check out this app. It gives you a great overview of the event plus you can download the flyers that are available to all (whether or not you are an attendee).

To make it as simple as possible for you, the RootsTech team has put together a series of YouTube videos that do a great job of describing the event and how best to prepare for it. Plus, they have put together a survival guide that is a must read.

Here are the must-check-out links to make RootsTech 2019 the best one yet!

Lastly, don’t forget to vote for your favorite video submission for the RootsTech FilmFest ’19 contest. The winner will receive a trip to their ancestral homeland!! Take some time and watch these 2-5 minute videos. They will inspire you and compel you to dig deeper in uncovering those family stories that are just waiting for you! Please NOTE: Today (2/14) is the LAST day to vote.

Check out all the videos here and VOTE!

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