Get talking! 22 Interview Questions to Discover YOUR Family Story

The dreaded interview. We all have had to endure at least one that didn’t go quite the way you wanted. Or, in my case, you thought it went really bad and you still ended up with the job! It all goes to say what you may think is one thing isn’t always the case!

But I am not talking about those kind of interviews. Let’s talk about the interviews where we take some time and just sit and chat with our oldest family members. What if you are the oldest family member? Well, then interview yourself! Get a nice journal and jot down your answers to these questions. Perhaps use them as a jumping off point for a story or two that you would like future generations to know.

If you are blessed to have an older family member in your vicinity then I can’t encourage you enough to ask them questions now and not later. You truly never know when you won’t be able to sit with them like you can today.

Below is a handy FREE printable that I made just for you of 22 questions to get you started.

Wondering what the best technique to use to get your subject to start talking? Head on over to the Tillie’s Tales FaceBook page and enter the word “INTERVIEW” in the message box that will pop up.

Comment below who you would most like to ask these questions to if you had the chance (living or passed away).

Family History Interview Questions by Angie on Scribd


  1. I’d be interested in hearing how others handle interviewing their relatives. It has always felt a little awkward when I do it. Harkening back to the first paragraph of your post, it may be the word “interview” itself that’s throwing me off.

    • I completely agree. I try to approach it as a conversation first and foremost. I have also found that having pictures with the subject in them serves as an excellent jumping off point.
      Thanks for your comment and for visiting Tillie’s Tales! Best of luck in your genealogical endeavors!

  2. I’ve saved those for future reference – thanks for sharing.

  3. That’s a good start, and probably far less intimidating than what I did to my poor Dad (many years before I started the genealogy research) — I sent him 500 questions covering birth to his then current age! But he did answer enough of them that I was able to put together a book for family on his early life from first memory at about age 2 to his wedding day. It’s a treasure!

    • 500 questions! Wow. That is impressive just that you could think of so many. Your dad was a good sport and what a blessing to that that family history recorded for current and future generations to read.
      Thanks so much for visiting Tillie’s Tales!

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