Changes at Tillie’s Tales

There are changes afoot on Tillie’s Tales!

We are now deep in 1937 for my grandmother’s (Bertille “Tillie” Brand Klein) entries of her “Tales.” She ends her entries on December 30, 1939 so that means we have a little over two years left to go.

With that being said I (Angie Kelly – Tillie’s granddaughter and the person who posts her entries) have decided to expand what I post on this website. Starting today you will occasionally see posts by me about various family history/genealogical topics. For example: interviewing your relatives, how to get started with your own family tree, the importance of journaling and how it relates to genealogy, etc.

I am also in the process of revamping this website so please excuse the “dust” as I move things around. You will soon see a services tab where I will offer my help to work with you to unearth your family’s story like I have done with my grandmother’s news diaries.

Feel free to comment below with any topics you would like me to cover as well as any questions you may have about Tillie’s Tales and my grandmother’s journals. As always, you can email me at or message me on the Tillie’s Tales Facebook or Instagram pages.

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