Wednesday, June 27, 1934

Rennecker & Agnes Gregson’s birthday; also 4 anniversary of Gambach Bros. death. Jos. Schilling is going to thresh this afternoon. Joe. Watchel’s machine starts to this afternoon, all getting about started, soon. The lightening struck one of Arm Geodelle’s wheat shocks yesterday, burned it all up. Marjorie Rausch is again home from the hospital. Rose & Bertille went to Waterloo took 8 bus. wheat along, got 79ยข; bought 100 lbs. flour; soft wheat $3.05. stopped in at Henry’s, he is threshing by Reheis. They were at Uncle Pete’s last Sun. afternoon, Annie has a permanent wave, got it at Waterloo, also Jake’s wife. Henry got 50 barned Rock Chicks 3 weeks old from Monroe Hatchery, $7.00 a hundred. George Wagner came over awhile. We took our onions out today. Uncle Fred brought the mule home, then we took him home, stayed awhile, Ronnenberg came down there to telephone to Evansville, to tell Kissen’s that there boy is pretty sick, up here, he has it in his back, can’t hardly breathe sometimes.

Sunday, November 1, 1931

We went to church at Waterloo this morn. Henry & family came up for dinner, he went around taking orders, to sell his beef. About 2’oclock they went home. Vic Eichenseer, & Mr. & Mrs. Aug. Stamm from Ellis Grove where here, he wants to buy land, they wanted to go Uncle Freds, we called them they didn’t answer, so from here they went to Freeburg to look at some. We drove to Stringtown, Burksville, St. Joe out to a place where they have all White Rock chickens, we are going to get brooster from there. This evening we drove out to Uncle Fred’s but they weren’t at home. Lizzie Boll had her birthday celebration today it is on the Nov. 3, about 22 where present, they had a big dinner of duck & roast pork.