Friday, Sept. 7, 1934

Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary were up, had dinner here. He helped papa get the binder home from Fleckistein’s. Mr. & Mrs. Milton Wagner moved to Hecker, to Rausch place, Hy is going to live in Kammler’s summer kitchen; then. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary went to Red Bud, bought a few things & got tickets. Armin Mier 22 of Prairie Du Long & Frieda Underwood of Freeburg 19, licensed was in the paper this evening. Aaron Papbenger’s dance the other night, he got $7.53; the orchestra took $7.50 – so he had 3¢ left; he had posters printed to; that is what they say. Ha!

Sunday, Aug. 27, 1933

We went out to Uncle Freds for dinner & supper. Mrs. Authur [sic – Arthur] Roscow came along from church up here, she went to see Mrs. Stauenfbiel; they came here awhile after we got home. Henry came up & got our truck to haul hogs to the market tomorrow. Miss Josie Keller & Miss Kuhn where here this evening for supper. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came to; had watermelon lunch, they left about 9:30, then the alarm ring came of Ald. Rittmeyer’s house was on fire, went over to Wagner’s, papa & George went out; everything was ablase [sic], summer kitchen & house, burned to the ground, & all that was in it, they where up at Belleville, so all they have left is what is on there backs 1 car, Smithon [sic] fire department came but no good, no water no where’s. Mr & Mrs. H. M. Hill observed there golden Wedding Anniversary today, which will be Aug. 30 Wed; all the children, grandchildren where present, lot of musci [sic] furnished.

Thursday, Sept. 24, 1931

Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came up after wheat, he wants to sow some today.  Papa is hauling coal.  He got the oil changed in the Whippet at Barthel’s 8952 miles.  Rosalia & Bertille went out to Henry’s this afternoon we helped to clean the summer kitchen & baked 2 cakes, for the birthday Sun.  We had lunch there.  We picked 1½ bu. tomatoes this evening, & cut 1 bu up for cathsup [sic] & cooked & strained them.  Eggs are 19¢ a doz. we sold a rooster spring today, a man stopped.

Wednesday, June 17, 1931

We where all at Henry’s today for lunch dinner & lunch.  Emil was helping too.  But they broke a piece on the binder, so they had to stopped at 3:30.  We helped to clean the summer kitchen.  This evening Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary stopped here on there way to Ike Napier’s to a party, we where invited but didn’t go.  It is Ike’s birthday.

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