Saturday, August 29, 1931

Papa & Henry got crushing done this morning.  Henry is plowing with the team today, he was here for dinner.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came up then we all went to Waterloo to the place where Mrs. Horine has things for sale.  Uncle Fred bought a stove there for 25¢, a Wilson heater.  Then we went to Mrs. Mary Rippen sale, met Louis Schilling my school teacher.  The sale was by are on the otherside of Burksville & St. Joe.

Tuesday, August 5, 1930

It is awful cloudy this morning but no rain yet.  We washed this morning.  Aunt Mary called up and wanted us to get their stove for them.  They came up for dinner, we had chicken.  After dinner we went & loaded the range on the Whippet & took it out there.  Then the stove pipes didn’t fit.  Then Rosalia & Bertille took Uncle Fred’s machine and went to Hecker & got one of our stove pipes.  We had lunch out there this afternoon.  Henry called up this evening & said he was going to fan clover seed tomorrow morning so Papa is going out there.