Monday, Aug. 29, 1932

Aunt Mary went to church, they are spending the day in Hecker, they have 13 hr. devotion at church today. Papa is hauling wood. We got 6 pigs, born Sun Aug. 28, & 6 pigs born Aug. 30. [ed. note – believe this last sentence was added at a later date]. We washed. Aunt Mary, Rosalia & Bertille went over to see Mrs. Stauenfbiel, Rose Wacthel came there too. We seen the quilt she has in the frame for Edna Schilling we took the pattern, it is a stitched quilt. Hy. Armstutz was here awhile this evening. Lorberg’s shooting match wasn’t much Sun, they raffled 8 ducks, & no pigs. Clarence Wittenauer is celebrating his 21 yr. old birthday at Weber’s barn tonite. We have no invitation. George Boll was here this morn, wanted to borrow money to pay the rest of his tax; he paid half.

Saturday, July 9, 1932

This morning about 12:30 or 1 o’clock every body was roused out for church bell ringing, rings over the lines of the fire at Phil Braun’s shed. It burned completely down to the ground, but saved the house & other buildings. Papa went up with a bucket, they had Smithon [sic] & New Athens fire department, got the water out of Stehefest’s pond & from the neighboring wells. It must of started by the truck, & horn kept blowing & roused Phil out, he went to the shed, broke the door in & the truck was all on flames, they couldn’t save much out of the shed, got the old Ford out & Lester Gregson’s truck. The oil barrels just shot up in the air, it looked terrible, the tin roof on & around the house saved it, & Lizzie Parkinson’s. Mrs. Rennecker came over here that while it took about 1½ to 2 hrs. It is still fire there today yet. We went to Belleville this afternoon. Steve Rennecker came over this evening. Rosalia went over to see Mrs. Hill’s flowers, she called up & said she should come over and look at them. It rained a few shower this evening. Henry was up & got some milk, he was here awhile. Josie Keller went past down to Ben Heyl’s.

Sunday, July 3, 1932

We went to Red Bud. This afternoon we went over to Uncle Fred’s, George Wagner’s family come & Hy. Armstutz awhile, we had lunch there. This evening they went home again. Mr. Eichenseer’s brother priest said the mass in Hecker this morning. Mr. Jac. Maurer is awful bad sick the way we heard this morn, he is paralisied [sic], he sees double out of one eye, & his tongue is all crook & swollen, he can’t hardly talk. It rained nearly all afternoon & night. Carl Quathammer is giving a dance this evening.

Thursday, June 16, 1932

Henry was here for lunch, dinner & lunch, supper, he finished cutting wheat up here & took the binder along. Leona & the kids brought him up & they went home again this morn, she canned 31 qt. berries. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came up awhile this evening. Fr. Grootens has a dance in the hall tonight. Papa built a little hog house, & they moved it with the horses, back to the straw shed. eggs are 9¢ today.

Friday, June 3, 1932

Papa & Rosalia went to Belleville to see the Biebel Roofing Co. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary had intended coming up this afternoon but it rained. Seen in the paper that there where 1500 people attended the pinic [sic] here Monday & 500 people attended service Sun.

Monday, May 9, 1932

We had wash day. Papa went out on business trip today. Mr. Escker, fellow living on Cowell’s farm was here & look at our colts. Eggs are 9¢. Papa took 21 doz. to the store. There where a bunch of men working at the church property today, plowing, sowing in soy beans. The cemetery is about fixed the way he wants it, chat walk or drive.

Saturday, April 23, 1932

Papa went to get a haircut & shave. Ed Neff’s little boy is getting buried this morning, church up here at 9 o’clock then to Red Bud cemetery. Papa went out to help Henry stretch wire.

Friday, April 22, 1932

Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where here this eve. Today is Cora Armstutz birthday. They tolled the bell this morning in the Catholic church for Ed Neff’s little boy died last night, it had bad cold & fever. Mrs. Bernius from Smithon [sic- Smithton] hung herself today in her home, worried over her husband’s death about 1 mo. ago. George Schilling bought the Ganley farm today sold at the court house at Waterloo.

Wednesday, April 13, 1932

It froze hard again last nite, ice. Papa & Rosalia went out to Henrys this afternoon & got a load of wheat took it to Freeburg 49¢. There are a few trucks hauling rock again this afternoon for in front of the church. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came & we all went to Oak Grove, Melching gave a free dance. It was a nice crowd there. Vandereit furnished musci [sic]. The Ladies Aid of Evangical [sic] Church gave a euchre this evening in Kammler Hall. Papa got oil in both cars today. egg 8¢.

Sunday, April 3, 1932

Went to Red Bud. Church in Hecker, this morning is 9 & 11 o clock, because he [Fr. Grootens?] couldn’t be home, he was gone some place. In Waterloo the children are making there solemn communion. Joe Gregson & Lester & Lee & Rob where here looked at the colts, but it was to much money for him. We went out Uncle Freds, for dinner & supper. Henry came there too awhile, he had been up at Floraville to see Kerculeis, he bought his pigs from Henry & a heifer, $15 & pigs $3.00 apiece. Maryben Pickett & family came there too & wanted to rent there house in Hecker, but he won’t rent it out. Mrs. George Wagner called up & said we should come over there for a game of cards, so we & Rennecker’s, Bill Fristche’s, & Autheo [?] Mehrmann where there. Bertille got toothache. Mrs. Wagner was lucky to have 1500 trump.

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