Wednesday, May 30, 1934

Memorial Day. The Hecker Y.P.L. having outing today Corveur Lake, Mo. Yesterday the children & sisters of Catholic School had there outing at Fort Chartres. Klein’s, Griffin’s, Braun’s, trucks & I. Helfrich’s car. Bert Thompson & Ed. Meng came to take a look at the barn. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary were at the school pinic [sic] in Waterloo, this afternoon, came up here this eve. went to the dance at Oak Grove, Leona brought the kids up to stay with papa, & we went along with them to Oak Grove, free dance, musci [sic] by Jolly Six, Schmidts – Oh! Boy! Crowd. Clara Wagner & the kids came over awhile this evening; Rosalia & Berti went to Red Bud after chick mash. A man here bought 7 doz. eggs @ 12¢. There were niggers at Henry’s today.

Monday, June 6, 1932

We had wash day. It is awful hot. The School children of the Catholic School had, a play last night. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where here awhile, they are working in town today. Mr. Biebel & a truck from Vandalia came this morning & got the other colt, took it over to Meng’s & loaded it. Hy. Armstutz got our rake & brought it back again this afternoon. An eye doctor was around this morning. eggs are 8¢, papa took 12 doz. off.

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