Sunday, Dec. 6, 1936

Went to mass. Pap took his budget envelope back he put in $5.00. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary had breakfast with us, then went home. Leo came this afternoon had supper, they went to Belleville to St. Mary’s parish closing of the mission. Omer & Bert went out to Henry’s played cards. It is awful cold tonite.

Wednesday, Jan. 23, 1935

Baked bread; coffee cake. Mrs. Joe Deughardt of Belleville died will be buried tomorrow morning, St. Mary’s Church, she was 52 yrs, had been ailing for 3 years. Cold again today, we didn’t go to the poultry speaking at Red Bud. 50 chicks & 25 lbs. mash, was given as attendance prize. There is a euchre at Paderborn tonight, didn’t go to cold. Rose is making a “hit & miss” hat.

Sunday, April 12, 1931

Papa, Uncle Fred & Saxemeyer from Red Bud went out looking at some farms that were for sale.  Henry & family, Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary were here for dinner & Uncle Fred, Aunt Mary were here for supper.  This afternoon we went over across the street awhile & got some spinach roots for Leona.  This evening Philip came out & Rosalia & Bertille rode along with him down to Evansville & back, for a drive.  There was a dance in Ruma, & a play in Catholic School hall at Red Bud.  There also was a play in Smithton & one in Belleville at St. Mary’s Church.  There the thickets were sold already on Sat. they were all sold out.