Thursday, May 28, 1936

Cut lawn, washed car. Mentel of near Waterloo looked at our hay rake, will take it for $3.00; will get it later, they had been at Millsdat [sic] got strawberries 12 qts. $1.10. Went to Belleville to Dr. this afternoon. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary also went along in. Walter Parrot of Red Bud has a wedding anniv. at Donahue’s tonite free, musci [sic] by Blossom City. We went; Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary to; nice crowd & good time. Skaer of Smithon [sic] 50 yrs. old jumped in well & drowned.

Sunday, April 12, 1936

Easter. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary, Henry & family all had dinner & supper here, rabbit laid 16 eggs. Rain this morning, & that means 7 Sun. rain. Jim & Dick, Roy [unclear], Pete played at Foster Pond tonite. There is also a free dance at Paderborn, Totsch’s Hall; Skaers music.

Wednesday, Nov. 13, 1935

Papa went up in the woods. Cloudy & smoky weather. Wedding Bells are ringing today at Paderborn for Chas. Daugherty of Mo. & Elvira Haudrich; we went up to the dance, & my what a crowd, she got lot presents, we gave her a dresser scarf; Skaers played for the dance; she wore white satin dress, & all white also veil; her bridesmaids were, Annie Karban & Lorreta Haudrich, dark wine velvet dresses, with hats; & Elmer Karban & Daugherty best men; all dark blue suits; ushers Cryil [sic – Cyril] Haudrich & guy; she was given at the altar by her father. Rosalia went quilting by Geo. Wagners; sunburst quilt. Bernice came & told her, to come over, Pap took chev. to Probst’s got it greased, brakes tightened, 30029 mile. Mr. & Mrs. Alex Katzler of St. Louis have a baby boy born last Fri. Louisa Braun is working there now. Ed Brand is here came this afternoon to Uncle Adam’s.

Monday, May 21, 1934

Mixed concrete this morning. Rennecker came over awhile, they are going to New Athens. Mrs. is on sick list. Rose & Berti went to Red Bud, got chick mash, big picnic there this afternoon, parade, 1 o’clock, merchants are all closed, also schools, it is the Evangical [sic] Church, having dinner & supper. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came this afternoon; her & Rosalia went out to Boll’s this evening got sweet potatoe [sic] plants, 78, they have 200 ordered, we helped to plant them up here. Clara Wagner was over a while, a man around selling house remedies. Rob Mertz & Skaer started putting the roof on this morning 8 o clock – 5; they didn’t finish. Cyril Eichenseer had his nose cracked this morning, hit by baseball up at school; he has it all plastered now. Eggs 11¢ now.

Tuesday, May 15, 1934

We ironed, patched. Nice again today after the rain. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary, Henry & family, Emil, Mr. Cleveland, were here for lunch, dinner, lunch. Robert got a fish, took it along home. Uncle also for supper, all worked on barn, all standing & nailed shut, on sides; Rosalia cut her a dress out. Aunt Mary was talking to Frieda Bueheler, she told her, they were going to move on Skaer’s place, were Bill Geodelle now lives, he is going to move, on Threfall’s farm; some moving around Oh! Boy.

Wednesday, Oct. 25, 1933

It is awful cold, had ice last night; The Evangical [sic] League have Euchre, pinochle, bluey & dance in Kammlers Hall to nite. Buddy Ettling was here last night, wanted papa to help him bring the heifers up today. Papa went out to Henry’s, Ettling couldn’t bring them because they had to go St. Louis to a funeral, this afternoon. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came & Rosalia & Tillie went to the euchre, Rose got pillow cases; Aunt Mary got plates glass. Rheinhardt furnished musci [sic] for the dance, also 2 Skaers boy’s; it was an awful large crowd, the tables where fill in euchre & pinochle, & they had to get more chairs to play bluey, just crowded & not many prices [sic – prizes]. Adm. 25¢.

Saturday, Oct. 3, 1931

Today, Mrs. Val Fritsche of E. St. Louis is having sale on the Fritsche farm about 2½ mils [sic] from Hecker, where Joe. Herzog now lives.  Also Leo Skaer of Millstadt is having sale, he lives on the Julius Stentcel farm, sale to start at 9 o clock.  We all went there.  Bertille rode along with Uncle Fred.  They had the dinner along, we left there about 4 clock, didnt’ get anything, they had so much to sell.

Saturday, Sept. 26, 1931

Wm. Ganey was here & paid part interest $66.00 & still $59.00 due.  It turned cold awful sudden today.  The St. Augustine’s Church of Hecker, has pinic [sic] today, & Anhuser [sic] Busch from St. Louis is to be there with radio musci [sic] & donkeys.  Miss Laurena Mehrman & Orlando Skaer are getting married at Floraville this afternoon, an a dance tonight there.  We where all at Waterloo this afternoon & went to confession, we came through Red Bud home, stopped at J. Ducars, they have a team mules for sale.

Sunday, Sept. 20, 1931

We all went to Red Bud church.  The Hecker Priest read Ignatz Neff name off this morning, he signed the paper at Belleville, this week his kids can come back to school if they want too.  Osie Neff was here looking for Uncle Fred.  Today is homecoming at Floraville.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came here & then about 4:30 left for the picnic.  Joe Hibbert the carpenter & his brother Frank & a cousin was here for a short visit.  He was visiting Hecker friends this afternoon.  This evening we drove out to Henry’s took them along & went to the basement floor dance at George Freund’s.  Adm. 30¢ as enter.  Rheinhardt & Skaer furnished musci [sic], 3 pieces.  Papa was up at the store awhile & he also stopped at George Wagner’s, she said that her sister Lorenia Merhmann & Orlindo Skaer are getting married next Sat. Sept 26 at Floraville.

Sunday, August 30, 1931

We all went to the pinic [sic] about 2:30.  Had supper there, then went home & done the feeding & went back again, the Skaer’s boys played until 10 o clock.  We met Irvin & Jake from St. Louis, there.  The quilts were raffled to Mrs. Adolph Spalt, & to her sisters from St. Louis.  In the bleuey [sic] stand they gave a 32 piece dinner set, it was won by Leo Cortner.  Mrs. Adolph Rittmeyer died about 4 o clock this evening, her father died also on a pinic [sic] serveral [sic] years ago.  Mr. Jake Mueth [ed. note: “Jake Mueth” is crossed out] of Belleville died, & Mr. Grossman of Smithon, [sic] Marshal Hill’s fatherinlaw was found dead in bed this morning.