Saturday, April 17, 1937

We planted 1 bu. seed potatoes this afternoon $2.20 bu. got them at Eichenseers, white & red. Christ Buehler harrowed his oats patch this morning; we also laid 3 sweet potatoe [sic] rows off, to early to plant yet. Henry & family were up.

Sunday, March 8, 1931

It is snowing & awful cold this morn.  Papa didn’t go to church today.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary were here for dinner today.  Henry was up & got medicine for Floyd, he has the measles now.  Papa paid Uncle Fred for the seed potatoes today.  2 bu for $1.80.  Today is August Blackburn’s birthday.  Fr. Grootens went down to the Evangelical Church between our masses, & before there service & preached a sermon about the bank.  They should do as he says & everything will be allright.  Fred Schaefer brought Rome Meng home this evening, he was snowed under he couldn’t hardly hold him up.  Philip & Bill Freund were here this evening & we all went to church.

Tuesday, Feb. 3, 1931

Rosalia & Bertille, Leona & the kids all went to church.  Then Papa, Rosalia, & Bertille went to Belleville with 26 doz. eggs sold 12 doz. for 15¢ & the rest for 20¢.  This eve. is meeting for the farmers again in the school hall.  Papa is hauling wood this afternoon.  He helped Henry fix fence yesterday afternoon.  John McCarthy died & will be buried tomorrow.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came up this evening.  Then we all went over to see there house across the street.  Henry & family came too this eve.  Henry went to the meeting.  Jac. Neff was here this evening & wanted to see Uncle Fred for buying some seed potatoes from him.  This afternoon Bertille washed the Chev. & Rosalia spaded a piece in the garden & sewed some lettuce seed.  Some people up by Belleville were planting potatoes today already.

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