Tuesday, June 2, 1931

Papa cut hay all day.  Frank Schwindle was here & brought our brooder stove back.  Alfred Eckert & Oliver Birkner where here selling chances on a quilt for a dime, we took one.  We had our first spring chicken dinner today.  This afternoon Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came & put up there curtains in the rooms, they where here for lunch.  Henry & family, & Dan Geodell’s family where here this evening.  Henry & Dan & the boy’s where going to the milk meeting, but it was at Broad Hollow Grange so they didn’t go there, they thought it was at Hecker.

Saturday, April 5, 1930

Father Grootens took Frank Schwindle his boy that stayed by him off this morning.  He got home sick for his mother in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Rosalia and Bertille went over to Elmer Kammler’s for a little while this evening.  We found 30 eggs.  Today Oscar Birkner’s baby is a year old.

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