Saturday, March 11, 1933

Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came up here & papa went along with them to Mrs. Louisa Soul’s sale, but didn’t buy anything brought a fair price. They stayed here for supper. Ike Napier come & paid for the hog 450 – $13.90. Ed Scheinder got 43½ doz. eggs for hatching, but only paid $2.20 so far still $2.15 to pay yet, but had no more money. Roy Stauenfbiel brought the crushing down this eve, it wasn’t working, this morning; something was out of order. There was awful large attendance at Saul’s sale. Mrs. Vic Eichenseer, Lucinda, Bud, & Angela & Clarence Wittenauer came this evening, we played pinochle six hand. 2 games.

Tuesday, Dec. 20, 1932

Rosalia is on the sick list, cold. We washed, fried in liver sausage, cured meat. Hy. Armstutz was here wanted to get eggs for Fritz, but we sold ours yesterday, the egg man also took 5¾ lb. ribs at 12½¢ lb. along. eggs are 32¢. Eichenseer pay 28 today Hy. said. Braun’s 32¢. Bertille went up town. There is quite a few people sick, Jerome Cortner, Robert Lippert, Irvin Buehler, Nita Stauenfbiel, Walter Wittenauers. They rang over line that is Mr. Hill called in to Belleville Democrat, that Mr. Conrad Saul on Uncle Pete’s place, he died Sat. night. Wm. Kraemer was buried yesterday morning, the funeral went through, the Hecker church was tolling the bells too. they stopped at the corner here first & then went on; about 5 cars, from Mo.

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