Friday, Dec. 30, 1932

It rained last night & nearly all day. Bertille called up all around see how everybody was. There all in bed at Henry’s except Bobby. Mrs. Geodelle is out there. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary is about the same yet. Dr. Schmidt from Red Bud was up at Hill’s this morning, they are both awful hoarse. Papa got the papers went it stopped raining, isn’t much in it, thought that a few got paid for there land for the hard road on Route 156 from Waterloo to Hecker. Mary J. Kemp got $26.00. Jennie Kemp heirs $82.00. Bessie Parker $225.00. Leslie Wilkinson $57.50, don’t know how it is they all got paid, & guess wouldn’t give. Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Heumer of St. Louis have a baby girl born Dec. 27 Tues. 8 lb. 14 ozs. she was formerly Minnie Geodelle, Gus’ sister. Arthur Stiehl cut his hand pretty bad, they had to take him to the doctor.

Monday, Nov. 28, 1932

Mr. Hill was over with the papers for papa to sign this morning, he signed 2 sheets, for the right of way, route 156. We washed, ironed. Papa & Jake & Paul Neff went out to Henry’s to saw wood this afternoon, they stated with ours. The egg man was here to buy egg; but we had none to sell. It was in the paper that Alsace Eckert celebrated her birthday on 17 Nov., with card playing & dance.

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