Wednesday, March 10, 1937

Cold this morn. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came took Bert along to New Athens to see the quilt show, about 68 quilts are on display. We worked in the garden, made paths & spaded a piece. Aunt Mary stitched quilt is sold $7.50. to a party from St. Louis; there is so many pretty quilts present. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came this evening. Bert went along to church service with her, Fr. Rattermann has the sermon.

Tuesday, March 2, 1937

Bert ironed & quilted, sewed lettuce seed & planted sweet potatoes, Pap hauled load wood. Mees from Columbia was here, bought the one horse planter for 25ยข. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary stopped went over to New Athens, took two quilts over, on display, quilt show from 8 to 3. Ed Weber came wanted corn planter, but it is sold & gone now.

Friday, March 1, 1935

Pap went out to Henkels farmed clover seed. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came we, went along with them to Athens see the quilt show; so many nice quilts, 166; prizes will be given tomorrow night last chance; all different kinds, priced, plain, stitched, appiqud [sic – appliqued] old. We all went to Columbia & Waterloo this afternoon, we got wall paper for dinning [sic] room, 6 rolls for wall, 50 ft. border, & 4 ceiling, we will have some left to return; I guess; nice day; little windy; We seen some people are busy making garden already, on way to Columbia.

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