Tuesday, Jan. 17, 1939

Leo & family came, he helped pap haul hay in barn; we put in quilt & started quilting; had dinner here. Snowing all afternoon & evening; Pap & Leo went out to Henry’s to get clover seed. Eggs went down 1 [cent] again 15 [cents] again. The boys [Henry’s children] got vaccinated this morning; all are alright.

Thursday, Jan. 21, 1932

It is just pouring down rain. The mission is supposed to start tonight in St. Augustine Parish. Papa went up town this afternoon. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came up this afternoon & got Josie Keller, she came here & then we played 6 handed pinochle game. She took the goods & patterns along to mark of [sic- off] a quilt.

Wednesday, Jan. 20, 1932

We went to Belliville [sic] with 19 doz. eggs @ 17ยข doz. We bought goods to make a quilt today. Uncle Fred & papa went out Osie Neffs & measured the road. Josie Keller & Bertille went to Mrs. Renneckers to get quilt patters. Then she went to Phil Braun’s & stayed there all night. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where here for supper, then Chris Buehlers family came, stayed till 11 o clock.

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