Friday, July 20, 1934

Hauled water out for pigs. J. Wittenauers selling pickles in town $1.50 bus. Mrs. Scheinder $1.25. Clevelands $1.40. Jake Reheis he got $2.00. John Reheis sell there’s in Red Bud. People stopped bought 5 roosters 10½ lbs. @ 18¢; about 2 lbs. apiece. A man here selling apples 75¢ bu. George Wagner’s family were here a little while. The settlement of Pete Reheis & Fritsche was in the paper for the last time, will be on July 28 at Belleville Court House; he foreclose him. The assesed [sic] valuation was in the Times; we are the highest in Hecker & around. Joe Watchel & Robert Laut dug a 2o ft. well on Watchel lot.

Wednesday, April 22, 1931

Bertille baked molasses cookies, & Rosalia is shelling corn this morning.  Papa went out to Henry’s to help him measure for a milk house, he wants to make it in the back porch, they say its allright that way.  This afternoon Papa & Henry went to Belleville to get the lumber for it.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came up this evening for the euchre & dance given by the Y.P.L. in Kammlers Hall.  Bill Herzog & his brother Ray furnished the musci [sic], 10 games in Euchre where played Uncle Fred had 6 points & got a Jar of Honey Aunt Mary had 6, & got a pan & a lid, Bertille had 6 got a potato masher.  Rosalia had 3 points.  Wm. Sensels the assessor was here & sessed Uncle Fred’s property.

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