Saturday, July 16, 1932

We picked pickles this morn. Papa took Stehefest’s wagon home. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where here this evening.

Tuesday, July 5, 1932

It rained last nite & looks like somor [sic- some more] today. We washed, ironed. Geo. Lorberg was through here selling pickles last Sat., at 50¢ bu. as they come, he has a acre planted & intend to sew ½ acre Sat. yet, him & Rapp’s & Mueths each have a acre, they have a contract with Gauen at Waterloo. Papa went to Red Bud to see Jac. Erle, about the cars insurance, he canceled all but liability & property damage. He sent the check of for the chev. for $10.06. Steve was over awhile, he ain’t going along with Schilling machine this year, Ham has his place, He got fired.

Wednesday, Sept. 9, 1931

Aunt Mary gave us some pickles, & we canned 2 qts.  Rosalia & Bertille went out to Henry’s to help can peaches, 9 qts. & 4 qts. beans, 6 pints pickles, she canned 16 qts tomatoes, got them from Aunt Lizzie for nothing, all real big tomatoes.  We had dinner there.  Papa was hauling wood.  Osie Neff was here & Clifford Stalbber was here & got 2½ doz. eggs @ 18¢.  There a lot of people working at the cemetery trying to help get it leveled off before tomorrow.  Today is Creses birthday 19 yrs. old.

Monday, August 3, 1931

We all drove to Belleville this morning & sold some sp. chickens for 20¢ & eggs for 20¢.  Adam Eckert’s are moving out today.  Yesterday was Smithton Homecoming & Singer fest in Millstadt but I guess the rain spoiled it all.  Ed Pabst was here & brought our oats up, 43 bus.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary was here for supper this evening, they came from Eckert up here.  We had spring chicken supper.  We got 1 can of pickles now.

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