Tuesday, March 13, 1934

We all went up in woods all day. Robert Laut ordered his hog to butcher on Thurs. We went out to Floyd’s birthday, 5 yrs. old. Aunt Mary & Uncle Fred where the only ones there. Geodell’s was out night before. Henry & Leona went to East St. Louis, got xray taken of her arm.

Saturday, Dec. 31, 1932

Josie Keller came here this morning a little bit & called Heyls, then she went on down she was invited there for tonite New Years Eve party & it is Ben’s birthday, she intends to stay till about Wednesday. Papa got crushing done this morn. Geo. Schilling says Ben’s in bed this morn. & so is Levi Ganley. There is a sign put in front of the bank door again this morn, made of cedar, a wreath, & on a board, remind that another year past bank closed, just 2 years. Mr. Wm. Reagean & son where here on business. Mrs. Geodelle called up for Rosalia to come out there at Henry’s now, because she wants to go home with milk driver this morrow morning. Henry & Floyd where up but not outside yet today. There was a little shooting go on here in town awhile, shooting the old year out & the new in.

Saturday, Nov. 5, 1932

Bertille is 18 yrs. old today. Uncle Fred, Aunt Mary Henry’s family, Christ Buehler’s family where all here this eve, playing cards, music & singing, cake & beer where the refreshments.

Thursday, Aug. 25, 1932

We finished digging our potatoes this morn, 6 rows. Bertille went up town this evening & got the mail. Frank Schwinde is having a birthday party in the school hall tonite. Mrs. Martin Fritsche got the job of cleaning the Hecker School for $3.90. Reagean’s had a bid in for $4.00 & Lauts $6.00.

Saturday, July 2, 1932

Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary went home this morn. & coming back tonite. Papa is plowing. Today was a few sisters celebrating fifieth [sic] jubilee, Mr. Eichenseer’s sister was one they went down to Ruma. It turned awful cold last night & rather cool today. Tomorrow is birthday anniversary of Willard Gambach, today & Hy. Armstutz. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came here awhile then went to Hy’s Birthday.

Monday, June 27, 1932

Today is Steve’s birthday. Karl Boll married a yr. & Gambach’s buried 2 yrs. It rained nearly all day. Papa went up town awhile this morning; got his check for $6.50 & sent the insurance for the Whippet $9.66. The bank paid out 10% again, so far it is 25% paid out. We all & George Wagner’s family went over to Rennecker’s. Steve was 68 yrs. old; cake, & beer where served. J Brown was here.

Saturday, June 25, 1932

Papa went out on a business trip. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came up for the weekend. This evening they went to Armstutz’s, Mrs. birthday. There is a birthday Yvone & at Rapp’s, a surprise party, we were not invited but Uncle Fred was.

Wednesday, June 22, 1932

We went to Belleville this afternoon to Miss Zimmlich sale, adminstrator [sic] sale, & everything cheap, we bought $2.50 worth stuff, 2 rockers, 3 chairs etc. & Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary bought lots goods, chairs, tables etc. They came up this evening & brought some of ours along up, then we all went out to Chris Buehler’s Iren’s birthday 10 yrs. popcorn, beer & cake where served, Henry & Frank, Birkner family, & Papenbergs & us folks.

Tuesday, May 24, 1932

Today is birthday Henry’s 28 yrs. old & also the 4th wedding anniversary. We went out this evening, ice cream, cake where served to the following: Mr. Gus Geodelle & family, Henry Birkner’s family, Albert Cleveland’s family, Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary. George Wagner got a fork here this morn. to straw potatoes at Chas. Wagner’s.

Sunday, May 22, 1932

We went to Red Bud. Levi Gregson came here a little while, the rest where at church. George Wagner’s family prepared dinner, chicken, etc. & took it all down to Chas. Wagner, 25 Silver Wedding Ann. the whole relation, when it was supposed to be a surprized [sic], but I don’t think it was, they found it out. Three fellows from St. Joe where here & looked at the colts. We all went over to Stere’s & sat on his porch, the sun got too hot on ours. This eve, we went out to Uncle Fred’s, Chris Buehler’s family also came, we at popcorn, beer, & water.