Thursday, Jan. 26, 1933

We are smoking our summer saussage [sic] again. It is awful windy today. We fixed on our machines, put the new license on. Henry brought a load of corn up. Mr. & Mrs. Louis & Bill Reisfchender of Waterloo where here & looked at our mules; eggs are 10¢ today. the Salvation Army men, where going around begging & playing musci [sic], I don’t think they got very much. We went to Aunt Marys birthday, 56 yrs. old. dancing & singing where the main features, cake & doughnuts where served to the following people, Mr. & Mrs. Ed. Parker & family, Mr. & Mrs. Frank, Henry, Willie, Oscar, Birkner’s & family, Mr. & Mrs. Louis Birkner, Mr. & Mrs. Louis Armstutz; Mr. & Mrs. Henry Brand & family, Adam Eckerts family, Schaefers, Krehres, Papenbergs, Parkers, Robert Probst, Jerome, Hillsheim, Wilfred & Leo Cortner, Loraine & Edwin Neff, Clem Parker, Mr. & Mrs. Ignatz Neff. Oliver Kuehn. It started in raining & wind got to the north, & it sure did get cold. Philip Meuth got the priest out home, some one must be sick. Bill Haudrich of Red Bud had a little baby last Thurs. Jan. 19. Emil Haudrich & Elizabeth Buss where baptism sponsors. It is a little boy. Mr. Ferd. Vogt & Miss Mary Kroll of Hecker, graduated nurse & daughter of Mrs. Agnes Kroll where married Mon. morning at 6′o clock mass, they will make there future home in Waterloo.

Monday, Jan. 9, 1933

We butchered 2 hogs today. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary & Henry where helping, had lunch & dinner. Uncle Fred stayed for supper then we played 5 hand pinochle. Mr. Tecklenburg paid 28¢ for eggs we had 7½ doz; he got some from Mrs. Rennecker too. Mrs. Papenberg called up this evening for a patter for a sunburst quilt, we didn’t have none.

Sunday, Dec. 11, 1932

It started sleeting, it was awful bad driving the windshield always froze up & we couldn’t see, had to clean it of [sic - off] 5 times coming home from Red Bud. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where here for dinner we had chicken, we played 5 hand pinochle about 3 games then they went home. Dan Geodelle & his family called in this morn, looking for Henry, he wasn’t home they where at Waterloo, she called in so they are going to visit them tonite. Dan wanted to speak with Henry about pigs. Art Schaefer & a gang, Papenberg, Parker’s, went down the road with the sleigh & bells ringing this afternoon for a ride, they sure went some. We went to Robert Laut’s this evening. Joe Watchel’s family & Mr. & Mrs. Karl Boll where also there, the ladies plaed 5 hand pinochle & the men played solo. popcorn & wine where served, came home about 11 o’clock.

Sunday, Dec. 4, 1932

Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary was here a little while this morning, they had a different priest here in Hecker, this morn. Fr. Grooten’s is sick, they say. Mr. Ralph Ettling was here this afternoon & paid of $175.00 part interest $25.50 still due. He told us they had the Sheriff out to Wuertz’s to get there dog, they had pined up in the house, sheriff got there dog for them, he went in the house & got it, at night time. The Wuertz’s boy’s jumped on Buddy & the old lady ordered them of the place, Henkel & Buddy, so they left & got the sheriff, to get them dog. Louis Armstutz was here awhile. We went out to Cleveland’s this evening played 6 hand pinochle, Mr. Cleveland & Rosalia & Bertille partners & the other 3 partners, played 4 games, wine & cake, popcorn where served. That solo set out there where at Papenberg’s last night they said.

Friday, Nov. 18, 1932

We went out to Uncle Fred’s this evening his birthday cake & doughnuts were served; dancing was the main feature of the evening & also singing, those present where , Henry Birkner & family, Christ Buehler’s family, Frank Birkner’s family, George Parker’s family, Fred Papenberg’s family, Clarence Wittenauer & Angela Eichenseer, Mrs. Oscar Birkner & kids, the roads are getting awful muddy.

Wednesday, June 22, 1932

We went to Belleville this afternoon to Miss Zimmlich sale, adminstrator [sic] sale, & everything cheap, we bought $2.50 worth stuff, 2 rockers, 3 chairs etc. & Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary bought lots goods, chairs, tables etc. They came up this evening & brought some of ours along up, then we all went out to Chris Buehler’s Iren’s birthday 10 yrs. popcorn, beer & cake where served, Henry & Frank, Birkner family, & Papenbergs & us folks.

Sunday, May 15, 1932

Ed Scheinder was here & took a look at the colts. Aaron Papenberg came & invited us out to Geo. Parker’s barn dance, Carol is celebrating her birthday there. The Fahey twins celebrated there birthday at Oak Grove last night, Adm. 25, Papenberg said he was there. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where her awhile then went home. George Schilling was here to see papa. Mr. Branderburger & also Weber from Red Bud, where here to see the colts. We went out to Parker’s this evening, cake & cookies where served.

Sunday, April 24, 1932

We went to Red Bud church, & also went to the hospital to see Mamie Meuth, she got operated for appendix, she is getting along fine. Clem Parker & Aaron Papenberg where here & invited us for the barn dance at George Parkers tonite, Elmer’s 18th Birthday. So we went out this evening. Papa went up town this afternoon. Bertille went up to Lester Gregson’s but there was nobody there, they where at Joe Gregsons.

Wednesday, Feb. 10, 1932

We went to Red Bud to church. High mass & benediction & station’s this morning. We have the doors & windows open just like spring. Rosalia sewed lettuce along by the house this afternoon. Papa went out in the woods, helped Henry, Emil & Bill was helping too. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came up for church this evening. We played 4 hand pinochle, Uncle Fred & I won 3 games. They say at the free dance what Fr. Grootens gave there wasn’t many people there, there was a dance out at Papenbergs the same night, Parker’s went there.

Friday, Sept. 4, 1931

Today Rosalia is 20 yrs. old.  The bunch came & surprized [sic] her, where: Mr. & Mrs. Henry Birkner & family, Henry Brand & family, Fred Papenberg & family, Alf. & Elsa Eckert, Rosalia & Rita Braun, Clem & Elmer, Bessie Parker, Hy. Hillsheim, Odillo & Mamie Eichenseer, Christ Buehler & family, Henry Spalt, Mr. & Mrs. Steve Rennecker, Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary.  The basement was cleared & dancing begun till 12 o clock, Uncle Fred & Henry furnishing the musci [sic].  Beer, cake, where served.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where here for lunch& supper.  It is also Mrs. Geodell’s birthday, they had the celebration Thurs. evening.  Fr. Grooten gets in trouble with everybody, Richert was fined $15.00 & all night in jail for having plum wine, Jack Ganley was arrested, cutting the wires on Hillsheims machine & one thing another, lots news in Hecker, in 1931.  But ain’t so claims it.