Tuesday, June 6, 1939

Washed, ironed, patched. Had light shower rain this afternoon, not much, but rained heavy South east. Leo & family came this eve. left Marita here all nite, they went to attend the wedding dance at Daab’s Club House of Aleda Horecher & Clarence Schaefer, who were married at Columbia this morn; going to live with his parents Schaefer of near Smithton; attendants were Leona Hoercher her sister & his sister Schaefer, & her brother & another attendant not known. Miss Eugenia Schmidt, oldest daughter of Jac. Schmidt & Orvel Mosbacher of Waterloo were also married today.

Wednesday, July 3, 1935

Papa went out to Henry’s again help with the oats. We cut in 2 gals. & 10 qts. cabbage this morning. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came up; him & Rose went out to Henry’s, helped put binder in shed, is finished for this year. Ignat Mosbacher stopped to see papa but he wasn’t home. We cut lawn, pulled peas out, picked beans, canned, 1 qt.

Saturday, Sept. 10, 1932

Papa walked down to the molasses factory this afternoon, but there was no one there, they weren’t working. We where invited for a dance at Chris Neff’s, but didn’t go. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary went, Ignt Mosbacher gave it & charged 25¢ from the men, & also had a lunch counter.

Tuesday, May 17, 1932

Today is the Mosbacher & Neff wedding. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary are going to the dance, it is in Neff’s house, he couldn’t get the hall. Henry & Leona came & we went along to the dance with them, the house was packed, danced in 2 rooms, nearly all musiains [sic – musicians] played. Papa & Rosalia went to Belleville & took 24 doz. eggs & old hens & 20¾ lb. springs got 20¢ for 2½ lbs. over. The egg man was here & got 31 lbs. springers got 16¢ for 1½ lbs. over. Papa & Bertille went out to Henry’s this afternoon. Emil was there awhile too. Papa helped Henry work his ground.

Friday, May 13, 1932

Christian Neff & Mary Mosbacher, Daughter of Ignatz are going to be married next Tues. in St. Louis & dance in Paderborn. Ben Schilling & her sister are to be best. Court was set off on Joe Braun’s case till next fall. Papa went to Freeburg after wire.

Thursday, Sept. 10, 1931

Mrs. William Braun, nee Schilling will be buried today, leaving the house at 8:30, church at 9, then to the cemetery.  She was 35 yrs. old & has 7 children living & 4 dead.  Henry & Leona, Aunt Mary, Rosalia & Bertille all went to the funeral it was a large one, we went to the house, church, cemetery.  Fr. Janssen of Smithon [sic] had the ceremony, he had a wedding in the home first, Frank Kroll got married.  Fr. Grooten is awful bad sick with nervous breakdown.  Papa took care of the kids this morn.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary where here for dinner.  All the Schillings where out today, Jonny, Sam, Gabriel, Martin, Joe, & George, all at the funeral, Degenhardts, Natz, Mosbacher 1 daughters.

Uncle Fred & Papa went to help Roy Staunfbiel get his father’s coping from the cemetery this afternoon.  Mrs. Stauenfbiel was here to see if she could get a ride home from Belleville on the 15 of Sept.  She & papa have to go in to be witness on Val. Fristche’s will, to snigfy [sic] there writing.  The egg man was here again from St. Louis, but we didn’t have any.  Henry & family where up this evening, he paid his threshing bill.

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