Wednesday, Aug. 5, 1936

Rose & Berti went out to Uncle Fred’s helped them get things ready for pinic [sic], & chickens etc. Pap came out for dinner & then went to Jac. Dugan’s sale by Burksville; We came home after dinner. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary went up to pinic [sic] at 2 o’clock. We had a nice shower rain this afternoon. Armin Mier of Broad Hollow has sale this afternoon also. Went to the Church pinic [sic], but didn’t win anything. Annie Braun won the stove; quilt, H. Schwagel Smithton, $3 P. Hamacher; Bed Spread, F. Miller, cold packer, Ethel Parker, quilt – St. Louis. $2 Fr. Teonjes Paderborn, quilt, L. Schneider, $5 cash, St. Louis. 48 lb. flour. Waterloo. Josie Keller was out, was here also.

Monday, Dec. 19, 1932

We butchered 2 hogs, Uncle Fred, Aunt Mary, Henry & Emil helped, they where here for lunch & dinner. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary stayed for supper & then played 5 hand pinochle, 3 games. Henry Meir came here wanted to sell corn, papa bought a wagon load for 17¢ bu. he is going to bring it the first day. There was a lady around selling vanilla’s, & other remedies. Aunt Mary bought a bottle of corn salve, is to take it out in 5 days for 25¢.

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