Monday, Feb. 19, 1934

Henry & family, here for dinner, went to Bellville [sic], then this afternoon went to the meeting that was to be at the school house, but it was only held this morning, this afternoon at McQuillian’s School. Rose got the mail took eggs along to Eichenseer’s got 14¢.

Tuesday, April 7, 1931

We washed today.  Henry came up & plowed, & harrowed the potato patch, we planted 4 rows.  He was here for dinner & lunch.  Uncle Fred Aunt Mary came up & brought Henry’s potatoes along up for him.  They were here for lunch too.  Henry & family came up this evening.  Henry went to the Broad Hollow & Hecker Local meeting.

Wednesday, Feb. 11, 1931

We started fire in the furnace again today.  Tonight is a meeting for the people on account of reopening the bank in the school hall.  Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary were here this afternoon.  Rosalia is on the sick list with headaches, colds.  This evening Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary, Henry & family came up.  Henry & Uncle Fred went to the meeting.  Leona brought a dress pattern along up.  There was a funeral went past here today.  The Smithton minister was in the lead.  Dashner’s Ambulance & 9 cars following.

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