Wednesday, Aug. 10, 1932

Papa took the mower out to Henry’s & got the frame wagon. Mr. Bershing was here & wanted to sell watermellons [sic], from 5¢ up to 25¢ real nice ones. Papa & Rosalia are putting up alfalfa hay this afternoon. In Ruma there was a cyclone yesterday evening, but we never heard if it did much damage. Lightening struck Tom Havey [? – unclear] mare, one what has a young colt, the Rendering Truck from Belleville got it this morning. Today is Chicken Supper & Pinic [sic] in Paderborn. We went out to Uncle Fred’s at watermellons [sic] then took them along to the pinic [sic] at Paderborn, they had a nice crowd. Mr. Jung our egg man from Red Bud bought 11 doz. eggs @ 15¢. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came here awhile, they were at Sensel’s bought a watermellon [sic] for 25¢, & they went to see Dentist Wagner at the Club House, tomorrow morn, they have to go to Belleville & get teeth fixed. It was sure hot today. Aunt Mary bought bread, flour, at the pinic [sic], 2 loaves for 5¢,  & 5¢ loaf, she bought 4.

Tuesday, June 7, 1932

It rained this morning. Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary came up about 3 o’clock, then it started raining again & thunder & heavy lightening, it struck a tree in front of Mrs. Kroll’s house. This evening Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary went to Johnny Krehers barn dance was to be an invitation party, we had no call. Henry & family came up this eve, Henry went up to the school house, but there was no meeting. 2 fellows working on the barn roof, they got just half down when it started raining. We sure did have a heavy rain, & wind. Papa went to Hy. Armstutz & got the mower & team, made a couple rounds then it started raining.

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